This does not look good for our hero…villain…Ungoy…Grunt? What ever I mean come on he stuck his on platoon and well, we have seen this right? But now that the lead in is almost over we now will soon see what happens to one with such a weak arm.

Been talking to the great people over at about what it takes to get Dream Crusher together and why this has become just a weekly comic.

I suggest going over to there site and taking a look at what they have there. Great contests, reviews and interviews, just about everything you may want to know about upcoming comics.

My mind has become a complete blank, the past week has been a blur so I can’t really think of anything that was to impressive that happened last week. So until the next EPISODE.


Sorry this one came up after lunch, having issues with our internet at home.

Anyways here is an update on things to come…

Aubrey is sitting down and writing more of Rabzilla’s Origin.

I have more Dream Crusher for you still to come.

I have been going crazy designing t-shirts for Teefury and Threadless.

And even though I am no longer designing costumes for theatre I am in tech for a show at the college that I work at. Now I read this play in college (Proof is the name of the show) and was bored out of my mind. It’s about math…well its about family but they are all mathematicians. But seeing it live yesterday during tech is so much better than reading it. Our actors are giving you raw emotion on stage, and the show brings you to tears as you watch a daughter loose her father and than her mind.

So if you are in the Kirtland Ohio area this weekend come and check out the play at Lakeland C.C.

Now onto something new and or the same. We are still moving everything from the past 2 years over to the new site. We are also still working out the final bugs and kinks. So stick around and you will see all the great things we have in store for you.


This was not so much of a tough one as it was a fun one.

I have learned some more tricks with coloring as of late and I think it is starting to show in the comics. I hope you also see the changes that have happened.

So the site is coming along and we have been making the changes here and there.

There are something things on my wish list but those will all come in do time.

So we have decided we will do the comics on Monday and Friday. It will make things a lot better along with give me time to ink more of “Dream Crusher”, and also give me time to get the commissions done that have been ordered.

So I hope you come back next Monday for more of our favorite “Halo” villains and come back on Friday to see where Rabzilla started.


I know there are many clicks to get to the center of the website but we are working on it.

It takes time to get everything the way we like it. However I did promise to have the website ready so click laugh and love.

So on with the show, as I said in the last post we have been asked where Rabzilla has come from. So Aubrey has sat down and the two of us have talked about it and we both agreed, “It’s Mike’s fault”.

Yeah we all blame the devil for many things. It just felt right though, I mean Rick has been the cause of many things. What happened to the dinosaurs? Oh well Rick and a T-Rex kind of got drunk and blew some shit up.

See so maybe its Mike’s time to jump into the spotlight and cause some trouble, or caused, or… You get the idea.

So we bring to you “It Begins”.

More to come this Friday and more “Dream Crusher” this coming Monday.


It’s been a long time coming but it is finally here.


We are all proud to present to you the new Rabzilla. And to kick it all off I bring you “Dream Crusher”. You will find it here every Monday as one on going story. Our regulars will be returning as well, the roommates are coming back along with their neighbors.


For those who have been missing us we are sorry to have left you for so long. I can only hope that we can make it up to you. Our first start is the new sight, second is a new story (That I have been working on for some time) it was mentioned before in an older post. I couldn’t think of a better way to re-launch than with this ongoing story.


There are big plans down the road, all will be let known in good time.





Inspired by the events that happen most of the time at the grocery store.

Why is it that almost all stores that have the self check out lines only have one person on an actual register that is working? And they have a line that stretches all the way back to the dairy section? Well it may be because no one likes to use a computer that talks to you in a know it all tone. Can they make those things any more annoying?

“Please place your item in the bag.”

No shit, I would have however not wasted the plastic to carry out my drink, seeing as how once I exit the store I will be drinking it. And it never fails to have that item that doesn’t scan, or better yet have something with alcohol in it. Than you are waiting for hours to see that slow moving 85 year old woman to walk over to swipe her card for you. Or you get the 45 year old woman who would rather be a lunch lady, that looks at you like you have taken her away from world problems, just so you can get your Banana Bread Beer.

Seriously I am glad they have them but please, PLEASE, have a person available or persons. There are allot of people who would like the job at the register than sitting at home looking for work.

This is based on actually events, only the names and characters have been changed to protect the innocent.

So Aubrey and I were at our local book store where she was getting the next two books for “Game of Thrones”. As usual I was in the toy section looking at the new toys they had gotten in. Little note for everyone, I am just a big kid who would rather read comics and play video games than sit down and read. Well I think we all figured that out. Anyways as she came to meet up with me she discovered a little self help book called “Jesus Calling”. Of course she had to bring this to my attention by shouting it three rows over to me. Gathering the attention of employees and customers. As they turned to see if a grown man would be running with a spring in his step to checked out this book I replied even louder. “Let is go to voicemail!” Thus our comic was born.

Now I had noticed that some people were laughing, but just ignored it (cause it was funny, Aubrey was cracking up as she met me) bought my Toki Doki unicorns and went on our way.

You never know where inspiration may hit.

It’s Friday which can mean one of two things. Either we are all getting ready for the weekend or…THERE IS A NEW COMIC! Aubrey and myself would like to welcome everyone back along with thank everyone who has been checking out the site as we move to bring you more.

Now we also need to thank our friends for this one, this was a conversation we had about the machines that are in men’s bathrooms. Now women have them as well but the give you something else than what the men get. And really who hasn’t stood there and looked to see what is in there, or at least a passing glance as you are walking out. So for all the men that have ever wondered or have bought from the “Machine” we salute you.

So this weekend I was able to get my pencil sketches for the Lake Effect Comic Con scanned. With all the shows coming up and all the art work that needs to get done I wanted to show everyone where I have gotten to as far as my penciling.

This is the third annual convention and I have drawn the fliers for the past three years.

This one is happening in June and I will have more info as everything comes together. I will also have for you this week a COMIC, and also the sketch for the painting I am working on for a charity event this weekend.

I am hoping to be adding some videos to the website as well, give everyone a behind the scenes look at what goes on.

Enjoy the “Alberta Clipper” the newest in the line of Lake Effect Heroes.

Wow what a long break away from everyone. Well let’s get things started with a big update. Aubrey and I have been married now for a good 7 months. The time away from the comic however has been missed. Myself I had been busy with art shows, charity auctions where pieces were sold, and commissions.

That being said the comic took a break for quite a bit. But don’t fear we never forgot about everyone, we have been actually coming up with scripts for some time now and need to finish off the battle still.

The piece that is up today is one for the “Crossed” survival kit that came out today.

Ever read “Crossed”? Well if you have than you know what I am talking about when I say it takes violence and great story telling to the extreme.

Look again soon for new updates on the site and us getting everything back to a normal schedule.